Best Things to Do in Premantura

Premantura is a small village situated on the extreme south of Istria. The village itself has around 850 inhabitants and that number rises three times during the summer time. The most fascinating thing about Premantura is Cape Kamenjak, A Nature Park with 30 km of coastline and wonderfull beaches. Beside Cape Kamenjak, the real value of Premantura is its great history and cultural heritage which has begun in Bronze ages.


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Now, let us take You throught the ancient times and local tradition of Premantura. We offer a list of 10 Things to See & Do while enjoying Your holidays in Premantura.


Best Things to Do & See in Premantura (2020 Updated)



Cape Kamenjak (Premantura) – Photo by Medulinriviera

Sure, this one is a MUST SEE. Why? Cape Kamenjak is a real gem. There is outstanding nature and more than 20 rocky beaches alternate with pebbly bays. In a relatively small area there are 530 plant species, of which 20 species of orchids, including several endemic species. You can walk, bike or take a car.

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House of Nature Kamenjak (Premantura)

Situated in the straight center of Premantura, The House of Nature Kamenjak is presenting the nature world of Cape Kamenjak. The house is consisted of photos of Cape Kamenjak, the presentation of dinosaure footprints, aquariums, terrarium and much more. The House of Nature Kamenjak is featured by Public Institutionof  Kamenjak – an institution for Management of the Protected Natural Values in the Medulin Municipality, especially Cape Kamenjak protected landscape.


Premantura is a very old village with many cultural monuments and historic sights to see. Except the prehistoric times, the real history of Premantura begin with bronze age when these areas have already been settled. Scientific research on this time are not known to the general public, but traces of habitation even in pre-Illyrian times preserved to the material evidence, and in toponimic names used by today’s inhabitants. What You can see in Premantura? Here is a complete list of cultural heritage sites You can see in Premanura. Enter the fascinating world of Premantura history.

Gradina Cave

Gradina cave Kamenjak Premantura 2

Gradina cave near Premantura

The Gradina cave is a located 150-200 meters from the entrance in Premantura. It is know as an archaeological site with lots of artifacts found, especially an unique and a very valuable prehistoric iron cross axe, originating from Greece – which is the first and only finding of this type of tool or weapon in Istria.

Premantura old tower „Turanj“

Premantura old tower (Turanj)

Premantura old tower (Turanj) – photo by Bojan Širola

The Premantura old tower (Turanj) is a symbol of Premantura. You cant miss it – its situated in the straight center of Premantura. The tower itself is 27 meters high and was built for military purposes. Its intersting that the Premantura tower was bulit in minimum 4 stages.

The Church of Saint Lovro

The Church of Saint Lovro

The Church of Saint Lovro in Premantura

In the ancient time, as the population of Premantura grow, the local citizens decided to bulid a church. They named it a Church of Saint Lovro – in  honor of the patron of Premantura. The church was completed on May 7 1632nd year.

The old bread owen of Premantura

The old bread oven of Premantura 2

Old bread owen of Premantura

The old bread owen of Premantura, as the name itself suggests, was connected with the bread making in Premantura. In the past there were many bread owens in Premantura and all of them were bulit as stand-alone facilities.

4. LOVREČEVO and FEŠTA OD RAKI – Visit & Enjoy the Local Festivals of Premantura

Premantura old tower Turanj

Premantura old tower Turanj – photo by Travelpremantura

The feast of Premantura – „Premanturska fešta“ or„Lovrečevo“ is the main feast of Premantura. Its called „Lovrečevo“ in honor of the Saint Lovro – the patron of Premantura. Usually the feast start at August 10. In the same time there is a natural phenomen of falling stars which is among locals called „Suze Sv. Lovre“ – „The teardrops of Saint Lovro“. During the feast of St. Lovro there are many cultural event like concerts, gastronomic presentationons, ….

Another local feast of Premantura is „Fešta od raki“ or „The Crab feast“. In the past the inhabitants of Premantura became famous for their ample to catch of a very delicious type of crab, or we should rather say, the female spider crab (Maia Squinado). In honor of that „Fešta od Raki“ – „Premantura Crab Feast“ is conducted during May in a Premantura marine port of Polje on Cape Kamenjak.



Premantura crab

As we said before the inhabitants of Premantura became famous for their ample to catch of a very delicious type of crab. Even today the population of this type of crab is not as it was, You can find it in a local restaurants. Besides crabs Premantura is know for a excellent sheep cheese and a special type of onion which grow only in Premantura. There are lots of good restaurants in Premantura offering local specialties such. fresh fish, delicious crabs and other seafood. The complete list of restuarants in Premantura You can find here: Premantura restaurants.


premantura windsurfing school

Premantura windsurfing school – photo by Lovro Barbalic

Because of the favorable geographic position, Premantura is well know windsurfing destinatation. Ten years ago in Premantura an European Windsurfing competition was taking place. There are 2 windurfing school in Premantura: Windsurfing Center Premantura – located in Stupice Camping site and Windsurf Station located in Školjić Bay on Cape Kamenjak. Go Surf!



Veliki Portić – Cape Kamenjak & Archipellago (photo by Miroslav Dilberović)

There are 11 uninhabited islands and islets around Premantura & Cape Kamenjak. For those who dont love crowded beaches with beach bars and restaurants as well as those who want seclusion and privacy there is posibility to rent a boat. Explore the beauty of small islands rising from crystal clear emerald waters. See the complete list of rent a boat in Premantura.

For those who are looking for adventure the underwater world, there are two diving centers in Premantura: Vitez Wreck Diving and Scuba Libre.

Spend an unforgettable holiday in Premantura and experience the most beautiful days of the year in the region of Istria.