Windsurfing center Premantura

Windsurfing Centre Premantura opened 7 years ago to become the leading windsurfing centre in Istria. We provide all kinds of services related to windsurfing such as teaching classes -from beginners to advanced, equipment storage, purchase and repair. We are based in two beautiful locations in the Medulin bay, the first one is close to the nature park Cape Kamenjak, in the camping village of Stupice in Premantura, and the other one at the beach by the hotel Belvedere in Medulin. We can provide classes in five languages: German, English, Italian, Slovenian and Croatian. We also strive to develop a close relationship with the learners where we have groups of maximum five people, which automatically raises the quality of the classes. Our goal is to transmit our knowledge to our clients to their satisfaction. Premantura is a small fishermen’s village at the very tip of the Istrian peninsula, near the Nature Park Cape Kamenjak. The Centre is located in the Camping Village Stupice, on the eastern side of the Istrian peninsula, and is therefore open to the most frequent winds blowing in this area, and these are bura, burin, jugo and maestral. The most favourable months for those that ride funboards are certainly the spring and autumn months when the frequency of windy days is greatest (statistically 65% of the days). The most favourable months to begin learning how to windsurf are the summer months when the air and water are warmest and the most frequent wind is maestral.

Windsurfing center Premantura

Finally, the strongest winds are from the NNE-SSE quadrant, meaning that if you should experience any equipment malfunction at sea, the wind can push you only towards the shore, which is an added element of safety.

Anybody from 7 to 65 years of age can join our courses. The lessons start every day from 10-12 o’clock and continue in the afternoon from 16-18 o’clock. If you think that four hours a day could be too exhausting for you, you can choose to attend only two hours daily, in the morning or in the afternoon session. When the course takers are children under 12 years of age, we take account of their endurance.

We have the newest equipment for windsurfing at our disposal: sails made of ultra light materials, from 2.0-5.5 square meters large and boards of the latest production that enables you to learn windsurfing very quickly and without difficulties.
You can also choose the language in which you want to take your course: English, German, Italian or Croatian. The number of students taking part in one course is never more than six, which allows the instructor to dedicate enough time to each attendant.



The aim of the test course is to offer beginners an opportunity to try windsurfing in order to be able to decide whether they have the necessary skills to take the full basic course and if that is what they really want.



The basic course lasts 8 hours. After the first hour on the simulator, which includes also the theoretical part of the course, you will spend the next 7 hours on water. The theory includes lessons in wind direction and speed as well as how to recognize unfavourable conditions like dangerous sea currents or too strong wind. During the basic course you will learn to sail in various course directions with optimum body and rig-position, tack and simple jibe. After finishing this course, you will be able to windsurf independently in light or middle wind conditions. The aim of the course is to learn to sail safely and to enjoy it.



Modern methods enable children aged 7-12 to learn windsurfing while playing and having fun. The programme of this course consists of 8 hours of lessons in both theory and practice: windsurfing in different directions, tack, simple jibe, and an introduction to the safety rules. We provide special light rigs and small boards designed for kids. At the end of the course the young windsurfers are able to sail independently and safely in light wind conditions.

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