Safari Bar Kamenjak Premantura

You have not been on Kamenjak if You didn′t visit Safari Bar! The story goes like this: a man decides to buy a own piece of land far away from people and crowds to live peacefully and in harmony with nature. After some time friends start to visit him, and little by litle, piece by piece, he opens a bar and, now, over 20 years of making and living it, Safary bar is the best beach bar I ever visited so far. Safari bar, in past 20 years became a sort of institution – a cult beach bar located in one of the most beautiful piece of land on our planet Mala Kolombarica beach on Cape Kamenjak, Premantura, Croatia. The safari bar that looks like it came from a fairy tale … The ‘walls’ and ‘ceiling’ are made up of live plants and bamboo canes that serve as dividers between one table and another. The tables and benches are simple cut logs or stones stacked, the “floor” is a bed of straw. Scattered throughout the bar then, there are the bizarre rides like a big slide made of ropes and wooden wheels, swings hanging from the branches of the trees that create the structure, large swivel wheels and so much more, the games are used but the signs experience “at their own risk and peril.” And then again, lanterns, tools sailor … A real robinson paradise! Safari bar is located southermost spot of  Cape Kamenjakalso known as Mala Kolombarica beach. When You enter Kamenjak just drive straight and follow the directions and You will find it!

 What to eat and drink in safari bar?

Safari bar Kamenjak Premantura offers:

– Cold drinks (alchohol and non alchohol) & Hot drinks (coffee)

– Sandwiches, Grilled cheeze & Olives

– Fish meals & calamari (squids)

– Meat meals (čevapčići, gyros)


Safari Bar location:

Safari bar is located in the Kolombarica beach, on the top south spot of  Cape Kamenjak. When You enter Kamenjak just drive straight and follow the directions and You will find it!

Safari Bar Kamenjak Premantura

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Photo credits:, Safari bar on Facebook, likeflowersandbutterflies, Matija Šćulac, Miroslav Dilberović, Panoramio, Cruise Croatia, Pinterest.



Mala Kolombarica beach, Cape Kamenjak


44.769184, 13.910341

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