Hostel ERKS in Premantura

Hostel ERKS Premantura is located in Istria, in Premantura, near the city of Pula. Hostel ERKS Premantura is a facility where you can accommodate 64 people with a full board.

The hostel is an open type, and because of its accessibility, it is especially suitable for education, rehabilitation and rest of blind people, their followers and family members from all over the country and abroad. The facility is together with the environment adapted to the independent movement of blind persons and persons with another type of disability.



Hostel ERKS accommodation

The building has 26 rooms, of which 13 triple, 1 single, and 11 double rooms with bathroom, where one triple room is accommodated with wheelchairs. In addition to the accommodation facilities, the facility has a restaurant with a kitchen, a polyvalent hall, a cafe bar with a terrace and an arranged space around the building with a promenade, benches and children’s equipment, all in greenery. The hostel also has a private parking for guests who come with their own transport.

Nearby is a custom beach for people with disabilities who is in the concession of the Croatian Association of the Blind. The hostel’s work is flexible and it is possible to use it all year round. Interested users of the facility can use the running tackle, room-bike, darts for blind people, social games in their spare time.

The entire space of the building on the ground floor is marked with tactile paths leading, which yellow beacons would be visible and visually impaired, and on movable glass rocks and wall paths guides of appropriate color.

There are two types of guiding paths in the object: the floor path is expressed by the projections that are felt during walking and the intense yellow color, and on the sides along the middle of the walls there are also lanes of a width of thirty centimeters wide that allow blind persons to move independently and blue are visible and visually impaired. On the door of each room, the numbers are inscribed on the enlarged black press as well as on the Braille letter.

The hostel has a customized one room for persons with motor disabilities. Complete ground floor is accessible to wheelchair users, as ramps and lowered floors are made. The hostel can be used throughout the year as it has central heating. The main building has a well-equipped promenade with benches and a children’s playground.



Runke 17, Premantura


44.804482112543, 13.915705442428