Premantura location

Premantura is situated in the southermost tip of the peninsulla of Istria in Croatia. The most common way to get to Premantura is by car, but its aslo possible to come by bus. Becasue its specific possition as the top end south spot, its pretty easy to find Premantura.

Premantura location GPS kooridates: 44.8031486, 13.9126786


Getting to Premantura by plane

Only 10 kilometers from Premantura there is the Pula International Airport (PUY). So if You want to come to Premantura by plane, Your default destination must be: Pula International Airport (PUY). From the airport You can hire a car or take a bus to Premantura.

Pula International Airport offers International flights from destinations like: Brussels, Copenhagen, Helnsinki, Paris, Nantes, Dublin, Milano, Amsterdam, Berlin, Koln, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Munich, Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belgrade, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Basel, St. Gallen, Geneva, Kiev, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Edingurgh, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool.

From Pula International Airport (PUY) there are avaiable many flights to the following Croatian cities: Zadar, Split, Osijek, Zagreb and Dubrovnik.



Getting to Premantura by car

When You enter in Croatia, You must go to Istria direction. Istria is biggest Croatian peninsulla and its located on the west side of Croatia. When you come in Istria just drive to the south. The most commom way of arriving to Premantura is to take a A8 & A9 highway and follow the directions via: Pula – Medulin – Pomer – Premantura. There is a verry good traffic signalisation on the highway so there is a small chance to get lost. When You exit from the A9 highway just follow the road directions as said above: Medulin – Pomer – Premantura.

Note: If You are coming by the A9 highway, do not turn in the Pula city direction beacuse You will finish in the city of Pula and that the harder possible way to get to Premantura. On Pula highway turnower, just continue driving to the south.

If Your default destination is: Pula International Airport (PUY) You can hire a car drive You to Premantura. Check Car Rental Prices.


Getting to Premantura by bus

If you are coming to Premantura by bus, your start postition will be the main Pula Bus Station situated in the center of Pula. Pula is the biggest city in the Istria county. On the Pula Bus Station you must take a bus to Premantura – lines 26 or 28. More informations about Bus stations in Premantura. Becuse the bus to Premantura is passing throught the villages near Premantura (Pjescana uvala, Banjole), the voyage will last for about 30 minutes. More informations about Pula Bus Station.

Premantura bus lines 26 and 28 Schedule