IMPORTANT: To enter Kamenjak You have to buy tickets. The sell ticket location is situated just before the entrance in the village of Premantura – on the right side (follow the signs)!

Due to the fact that Cape Kamenjak and the village of Premantura are the two southermost destinatinations on the Istrian peninsula, it is very easy to get out there. There are 2 possible entrance in Kamenjak:

Enter Kamenjak before the village of Premantura (Red line)

After driving on the road following the Premantura direction just before the entrance in the village of Premantura turn right. You will see a big parking area on the right side and a fontain to on the left side. There is a traffic signage showing You the right direction to Kamenjak. After turning right from the main road, drive for 2-4 minutes to the entrance in Kamenjak. The route is showed on the map with the red color line.


Enter Kamenjak driving throught the village of Premantura (Green line)

The second way to enter Cape Kamenjak is driving throught the village of Premantura. Just drive straight and enter in the village of Premantura. After passing the old bell tower (on the right side) and the church of St. Lovro (on the left side), on the next curve turn left and drive straight again. After 100 meters turn right following the Kamenjak dierction signs (also Camp Stupice or Windsurfing School dierction). After 100 meters there is a second entrance to Cape Kamenjak.


NOTE: During summer months the village of Premantura  is very crowded with tourists and cars so we suggest to choose the first entrance (marked with red).


Prices and other info

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